Zoë Cone is an artist living and working in Warwick, NY. She received a degree in Visual Arts from SUNY New Paltz in 2010. She currently works in a variety of media, most specifically, gouache, watercolor, and graphite, exploring personal experiences, fleeting moments, and surroundings in the natural world. Her greatest inspirations are found in the intricate details and beauty of nature, and the unusual mutations of thoughts, feelings, and faces within dreams.


I have always been fascinated with the way my daily experiences transform each night in dreams. Our minds sift through the infinite number of memories to bend and mold them into a patchwork of mutated thoughts and images. In our unconscious states, our minds replay visions and feelings resurrected from the depths of the darkest corners, which we attempt to avoid. My goal is to hold onto these fleeting moments and I do that by painting or drawing them. My wish is not to portray an exact replica of a dream for the viewer to fully comprehend, but rather create an environment that is familiar, though mutated. It is my hope that the subtle alterations in a seemingly normal world will conjure feelings that cannot be easily identified and eventually become part of someone else's dreams.
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